Our passion is to make the high-quality makeup brush cleaner that we believe our consumers

are missing in their makeup kits.

Mist & Co. Makeup Brush Cleaner is specifically designed to sanitize and nourish your brushes in just seconds.

We can proudly say that our product can save you the valuable time you might have spent on

cleaning your brushes in a conventional way.

It goes without saying that clean brushes promote clean and most importantly, healthy skin.

Use our Daily Makeup Brush Cleaner after each use and our Deep Clean Makeup Brush Cleaner for extra tough spots on your brush!


Using our products is easy. Simply spray 3-4 times on the brush bristles, gently wipe on our

Removing Towel and voilá! You’ve got yourself a clean brush that smells wonderfully in seconds!

Renowned Makeup artist Ásthildur Gunnlaugsdóttir is the woman behind the brand.

She created Mist & Co. to help her fellow makeup artists and other users of makeup brushes keep their brushes in prime condition and thus promote
healthy, beautiful skin.


We can’t wait for you to try it out!

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